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Email Marketing Trends for 2024

Email Marketing Trends for 2023 
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With the world being more competitive than ever, your “Email Marketing Strategy” will have to work twice as hard to get them open. Whether it be a prospective buyer or an ardent follower, having a great email marketing strategy in place will help you be in touch with the people.
It has been the most effective, money-saving, and scalable digital marketing strategy. But as times change so do your email marketing tricks too.

In the following lines, we are going to cover these aspects in their entirety and learn more about them.

Open Rate is a thing of the past now

Since the iOS 15 update, Apple products will preload emails, even the ones with invisible pixels, to gauge the open rate. So, in short, even though your email has not been opened the invisible pixels will show them as open.
This is in sync with their initiative to secure the private data of their users. Data privacy has been a much-debated topic and now Apple is taking stern steps to protect the data of people that use their products. This is also applicable to the Apple Watch 8 and boosts the data privacy steps taken by the company.
Most emails are now seen on mobile devices and out of those 58% of the people own an Apple device.


The ultimate goal of an Email is to make a sale, but in 2024 you will have to focus on hyper-personalization so that you can do that. You must take into account what the person you are selling to likes and what they might not like.
Having that connection before you make a sale is necessary and you can easily do that without a lot of effort. 54% of the people will unsubscribe from your mail if it is generic. With the Gmail algorithm also becoming better than ever, there is a chance that your email might land right in the “Spam” folder.
Tailor your emails to the right demographic and send triggered emails on visitor behavior. Also, engage with people on an individual level and try to give them the best deal possible. This will help you get more sales.
As an email marketer, you will also have to apply rules of copywriting and sales to your emails. Having catchy subject lines and great copies is a great way to sell more.

Adopt AI

Your company can adopt AI that will aid you in creating the best practices for your email marketing plan. It can write subject lines for you and personalize the email for you. Also, it can clean up and build mailing lists and restructure your email campaign for maximum effect.
The goal of the AI is not to replace you but instead streamline your process and make some helpful additions to your plan in general.

In the end

Having these tips in mind will help you make your next campaign effective and much more personable. Make a connection and leave an impression on people before you make a sales pitch.