CXO Matters | Meme Marketing: 3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Memes

Meme Marketing: 3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Memes

Meme Marketing 3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Memes
Image Courtesy: Unsplash
Written by Priyanka Prashob

What’s the best way to engage your customers and double your brand’s presence? The answer is meme marketing!

What is meme marketing, you ask?

Memes are everywhere and some people, especially the millennials literally live on memes! And why not? Memes are funny, entertaining and so easy to consume. They can tickle your audience’s funny bone and yet elegantly pass on the message you want to share with them. 

Memes have so much potential and – if used correctly, they can do wonders for your brand. And organizations that have realized the complete potential of meme marketing are rigorously using this marketing strategy to attract and win more customers. It has indeed transformed the concept of marketing – giving it a brand new jolly face 🙂

Smart marketers today are using memes to spread the word about their brands, capture their audience’s attention and stay fresh in their audiences’ memory forever. 

With meme marketing in place, you sure can expect maximum outcome with minimum effort and money. Many people have tried it and won it. 

In fact, the internet today is flooded with different examples and the success story of organizations that have implemented meme marketing and succeeded.

In this article, I will be talking about why you should start integrating memes into your marketing strategy. Let’s look into the three main “Why’s”: 

Reasons to incorporate meme marketing

Captures your audience’s attention better

Looking for a fun yet compelling way to bond with and engage your audience? No matter how many times you ask anybody this question, the answer is always going to be Memes, Memes, and Memes!

Meme marketing today has already proved its way to making it to the top of the list when it comes to catching people’s attention. 

Without a doubt, memes are a quick, easy, and entertaining way to connect with the audience. But for you to succeed, it’s important you study your audience. You cannot implement meme marketing without understanding your target audience.

Bottom line: The success of your meme marketing efforts depends on how well you know your target audience. If this is taken care of, then there is no stopping you!

The logic of this marketing technique is simple: Memes entertain your audience and users are most engaged when they’re entertained. And more engagement means more customers, and more engaged customer means good business! 

Not just that, memes are great for humanizing your brand, and sharing them on the different social media platforms will give your brand an authentic voice and the attention it deserves. In order words, meme marketing – if executed strategically is sure to uplift your brand’s presence.

You can also use meme marketing strategy to showcase complex concepts such as your brand personality, your company culture, and so much more in a simple and easy-to-understand format!

Fuels engagement

Of course, memes have the power to increase your follower base and also bring it to zero at the same time. So, use memes cautiously and strategically.

Memes by nature help people connect through humor! Research also shows that meme marketing increases social engagement – if done correctly!

How do they drive engagement?

Simple – memes are retable and super funny. And of course, you will always want to share this joy and laughter with your loved ones. So you will share these memes with your circle. 

Voila!  you have now become the brand ambassador for whoever shared that meme with you. Such is the power of memes! They are infectious and spread faster like a virus – but in a good funny way! 😛

Not just that, meme marketing is also known to spike your brand recall rate. 

As the saying goes, “People will forget what you said and did, but they will never forget how you made them feel” – memes create a unique experience for your audience, make them laugh and of course leave an impression on them forever. 

Put simply, whenever – anything related to the meme you shared comes up – the audience will always recall your brand. That’s the power of meme marketing!

In addition, memes also foster a sense of community and belongingness among the audience as the memes you share allow them to relate to the situation you are referring to in a way that’s funny and easy to consume.

Bottom line: If the memes you share as a part of your marketing strategy can make your people laugh, then you have succeeded in increasing your follower base and helping them relate to your brand.

Saves costs and doubles the outcome

Meme marketing costs you nothing except for a bit of creativity and strategic thinking! These 2 coupled with an efficient team to implement the same are what it takes for the meme marketing efforts to succeed.

For professional storytellers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and people in the creative field – meme marketing is a pocket-friendly way to create engaging content that attracts audiences and engages them effectively.

Wrapping up

Using memes indeed is a powerful marketing strategy that’s gaining a lot of popularity these days. Its success largely depends on how well you craft and implement it.

Have you implemented meme marketing yet? Please share your thoughts and experience by dropping us a comment!