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How to Set Up a “Social Media Team”

How to set up a “Social Media Team”
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Social media has been a game changer for many businesses and individuals alike. It has allowed businesses to reach out to millions of people on a shoestring budget. Social media, in the right hands, can give you a worldwide audience in a matter of weeks.  But with social media being such a powerful tool, you should be careful while picking out your team. A dedicated social media team will help you harness its power effectively and also expand your reach. 

Here is how you can make “The Best Social Media Team” –  

Set your goals 

It is best to not expect an overnight boom when you start on social media. You should use it as a funnel to increase sales or awareness.  

Here are a few things that social media can be useful for:

Traffic – the number of people that are visiting your website 

Revenue – to increase your sales 

Lead Generation – to collect information about your prospects 

Community Building – having a loyal customer case is key to having a flourishing business 

Public Relations/Image – How you are perceived by the public will decide who buys from yo

You should focus on some of the goals from the list at any given time. You cannot focus on all of them without dividing the attention of people. This helps create better expectations. 

Budgeting and Resources 

You should have a look at how much capital and resources you can assign to the social media team. On top of that, you will also have to look into how much you can assign for ad spend as running ads is a costly affair.  

Also, you will have to hire new people. As a rule of thumb, to get good talent, you will have to pay above market rates to people. This will ensure that you get good candidates for the roles. Remember social media is very powerful and you should not skimp on it.  

Team Size 

Depending on which platform you want to focus on, you will have to decide on the size of the team. Usually, smaller organizations will need smaller teams, while bigger ones will need bigger teams. But this is not the case for every business. 

Usually, startups can get away with a team of 10 people or so. But if you are a big international corporation then, you could need more than 100 people to keep tabs. Your budget and social media goals will dictate most of your decisions, including the size of the team.  

Team Members 

Does not matter what the size of the team is, here are a few roles that you will need

Social Media Manager 

Basically, the team leader of the Social Media division of your company. They will not only collate all the data from Social Media but also translate it into easily understandable metrics too. They will handle the publishing side too.  

Content Creator 

This person will be in charge of creating all the content that will be posted on your SM profiles. Whether it be pics or short videos, it is a multi-faceted role that requires a penchant for aesthetics.  

Community Manager 

As your presence grows online, you will need someone to manage the community surrounding the brand. They engage with customers and prospective ones too.  


You will need someone to run the paid ads for your social media profile. It is an important role that will help you promote your profiles.  


In the end, the team that you assemble for your company will depend on the budget and goal that you want to achieve for your company. Make sure you hand-pick your employees, as this team can make or break your online presence.