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Everything to Know About Virtual Influencers

Everything to Know About Virtual Influencers
Image Courtesy: Pexels
Written by Aiswarya MR

Social media is full of influencers with whom we all connect so very well. There is so much content out there that is not only entertaining but informative. They have changed the world of content and social media and our lives in a lot of ways.  

With the advanced technology in the digital world, artificial intelligence plays a vital role in developing virtual influencers who behave exactly like us humans. Created by computers, these virtual influencers have the ability to connect with us on a personal level just like human influencers on social media.  

In this day and age, AI enabled influencers have gained even more popularity with their content on fashion, lifestyle, science etc., to connect with more customers. These virtual stars are created by major digital brands. In future, there are even more virtual influencers that are expected to be launched and impress us with their unique personalities and content.  

Now let’s explore a few amazing facts about AI influencers. 

Why are virtual influencers created?  

Some of the digital brands have very specific requirements for their brand ambassadors that can blend well with their brands. Rather than molding actual models and communicating with them to help them understand their brands values and visions, these brands create virtual influencers that are already planned exactly as per their brands’ requirements.  

Moreover, digital brands save thousands and millions of dollars by developing and working with CGI influences. Isn’t that the best part of investing in them? 

A very popular virtual star is Lil Miquela or Miquela Sousa, who was introduced in 2016 through Instagram. Her focus is on fashion brands such as Diesel, Prada, Calvin Klein etc., and she contributes her thoughts and insights on the political and social movement; the black lives matter.  

Apart from Lil Miquela, Shudu is another popular AI influencer who is the first digital supermodel known for her mesmerizing fashion photoshoots. Hailing from South Africa, Shudu has been an influencer for a French luxury brand Balmain as the brand dropped the Kardashians and chose to work with Shudu.  

What are the best things about virtual influencers? 

Unlike us humans, AI influencers are never exhausted even after their constant work. They are always ready to entertain and keep themselves available 24/7 for their customers. There are no controversies surrounding them regarding any unfortunate online posts or events as their daily activities are regulated by the digital brands. 

As they are built by these digital brands, their personal lives and stories can be built to attract more customers to follow them, resulting in great popularity for the brand. 

Who is the voice behind these virtual influencers? 

We all enjoy listening to the AI influencers because of how witty and sweet their voices sound. Although virtual influencers are a great innovation for the world of digital media, we still haven’t reached a place where they can communicate without the help of humans to speak for them. 

Hopefully, we will get to see this technology developing further where they can speak for themselves, but in a non-threatening and friendly way.  


What are your thoughts on CGI influencers? Do you think there should be more of them, or do you think they are over-hyped?