CXO Matters Smart Automation That You Should Know

Smart Automation That You Should Know

Smart Automation That You Should Know
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Automation is the name of the game, and people have been lining up to make use of these new trends.  With the industry leaders already in the race to implement these processes, you should pay attention to automation in 2024 –   

Here are a few trends to look out for –   

Innovation and operation driven automation  

You can drive growth and results with automation and C-level people have started noticing this. You can easily replace the most mundane tasks with automation and integrate it into other major processes too. Not only that, you can enhance customer experience and journey in real-time with this.   

All this adds revenue to your business and adds value in the long run too.  On average, organizations have seen 40% greater productivity when they have introduced automation into their processes.    

Automation to counteract inflation and rising labor costs  

As the costs of living shoot up, it is imperative that wages also go up. But at the current rate, it is hard to match the rise in inflation with the wages themselves. This means that companies will have to get creative with the current labor force.  

You can deploy automation and get rid of mundane tasks that take up a lot of time and can be prone to errors. With inflation at its highest in the last 40 years, corporates across the world have taken drastic measures to control their spending. Automation provides a quick and easy way to replace simple tasks and frees up resources to assign other work.  

Automation testing on the rise  

With most processes benefitting from automation, it is important to assess where automation can play a supporting or vital role in the process. This will help you not only streamline it but also make it efficient in the long run.   

With streamlined inter-departmental work, it has become the norm for most companies to deploy automation to their processes.   

Low code tech for better accessibility  

With many people using tech to make better decisions, the need for low-code, high performance apps that can help people make their dreams true. Automation can help fill a huge gap in the market and also give better access to people looking to do something with tech.  


Automation is here to stay and you will have to adopt it for better business transformation. Staying ahead of the curve will help you take better decisions for your company and generate revenue.