CXO Matters | Automation: Get Ready in Four Simple Steps

Automation: Get Ready in Four Simple Steps

Automation: Get Ready in Four Simple Steps
Automation: Get Ready in Four Simple Steps
Image Courtesy: Unsplash
Written by Melwin Joy

Automating your business can be tough, but you don’t have to do it all at once. Here are 4 small steps you can take to prepare your company for automation.

Find a team that will help you embrace change

Company culture is of paramount importance for business success. The companies experiencing the most growth are the ones with the best culture. This is because a great culture embraces change and growth.

When your employees hear that you are looking at paperless solutions and automation platforms, how do you think they will react? Will they be excited or resistant? Consider those team members who are resistant to change and growth that aren’t good for the health of your business.

Build a strong company culture

Here are some tips on building a strong company culture and filling your office with people who will embrace change and growth:

  • Define your core values
  • Promote strong leaders
  • Hire people for cultural fit
  • Be honest and transparent

Digitize documentation

Before you can automate anything, your documentation will need to be digital. Before automating, take the first step of going paperless. Choosing the right system is key because you’ll be building your automated processes on this foundation. Look for a solution that is adaptable, customizable, secure, and integration-ready.

Identify great opportunities

Which of your processes has the greatest need for change? Maybe for you, your greatest opportunity for improvement is in HR, Customer Service, or elsewhere. Remember, you don’t have to do it all at once. Identify your biggest pain point and start there. A robust Enterprise Automation platform will allow you to move on to other departments and processes in the future.

Closing thoughts

Whatever you decide to do, remember that automation is a catalyst for growth. You can get started with simple, manageable steps like working on your culture, exploring paperless solutions, and identifying your greatest opportunity for change and growth.