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Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II: Everything You Need to Know

Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II: Everything You Need to Know
Image Courtesy: Unsplash
Written by Suraj Jaiswal

It’s been 70 years and royalty is ready to be served – seven times in a row. 

Starting June 2, a four-day event will commemorate the celebrations of 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II on the throne. Being one of the most iconic figures among world’s top 3 (others of which are The Pope, The Dalai Lama), she has inspired people, events, governments, and generations. The queen is creating history as we speak since no other British monarch has ever been on the throne for 7 decades. A platinum jubilee is a once-in-a-millennium event and is getting planned with the same ecstasy and enthusiasm. 

Here’s a little background. She married Philip Mountbatten in 1947, but her coronation as ‘Queen’ happened in 1953. Their marriage lasted 73 years until the death of Philip in 2021. She has celebrated her Silver, Golden, and Diamond jubilees in 1977, 2002, and 2012 respectively. She is currently 96 years old.

Hillary Mathews, a 70-year-old spectator, is ready to witness the mega-event and shares, “Everybody has got the same mission. All the horrors that’s been going on in the world and in England at the moment are put behind us for a day, and we can just enjoy really celebrating the queen.”

The world is going abuzz with the queen’s celebration, especially the UK. It is definitely going to be a massive worldwide event that will be one of the biggest gatherings in a long time. We are here to bring some answers to the questions that are hovering in your minds about the landmark event. 

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When does it start?

This is going to be a 4-day holiday event that starts on Thursday June 2 and ends on Sunday June 5. 

What events are planned?

Thousands of events are planned, some of which will start from the streets and end at The Buckingham Palace. The itinerary of the multi-day event includes the following celebrations, in the same order: 

  1. Trooping the color
  2. Lighting of the beacons
  3. Thanksgiving service
  4. Platinum party at the palace
  5. Platinum jubilee pageant

Where is it happening?


How much is it costing?


Who’s paying for it?

Taxpayer’s money and charity donations. 

Where can you watch it?

BBC will be live programming the event. Apart from that, ABC News will air the coverage via various programs. Several programs will be available on Hulu for viewers to watch on the next day. 

The government promises it will be “a once-in-a-generation” show that will be “the best of British ceremonial splendor and pageantry with cutting-edge artistic and technological displays”.

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