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Leadership Practices That Every Leader Should Embrace to Succeed In 2022

Leadership Practices That Every Leader Should Embrace to Succeed In 2022
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Written by Aiswarya MR

Current Situation

It’s almost the mid-year of 2022 and leaders around the world have moved on and learned new skills and practices from the wreck the pandemic had caused their businesses. We have faced challenges such as inequality, technological advancements, market competition, cybersecurity, and many more. These challenges have led us to renounce old work systems and introduce new ones. 

As we have buckled up for more competitive and challenging business ideas, let’s look at a few leadership ideas that are best known to be possessed by every leader in today’s economy. 

A Healthier Work Environment

We give an immense amount of effort to address any work-culture or human-resource-related issues. Any kind of distress or extensive negative emotion affects not only the productivity but also the mental well-being of the workforce. Hence, employees’ mental health is as quintessential as physical and spiritual health. Today’s leaders are expected to construct a work culture that promotes a sense of belongingness for their employees. There are a number of employee benefit programs that would help employees to seek professional support within the organization. 

Most organizations in today’s world give utmost importance to transparent and consistent communication with their employees. This way, the employees would feel their presence in the company is appreciated, hence, nurturing their relationship with the organization. An open discussion with the employees can help leaders understand their capabilities and progress in detail. This can also motivate employees to take ownership and prosper in their own careers. 

Try these actions:

  • Appreciate and recognize your employees’ contributions and successes
  • Introduce moral boosting rewards such as a gift voucher, a lunch party, or an “Excellent Employee” certificate
  • Conduct a survey to understand each employee’s concerns and queries.  

Cultivating Importance On Accountability

For a better organizational alignment, a leader is required to hold his employees accountable for their own actions in the workplace. If you are a leader who is on a roll to take up more challenging macro-level projects, you would want your employees to grasp 100% accountability for their own tasks. This way, you would be able to work on bigger projects and your employees would also excel in owning their tasks and completing them.

A quick session with the employees while sharing your thoughts regarding the successful aspects and unsuccessful ones can help improve their performance. This establishes trust and higher morale within the team. 

Try these actions:

  • Communicate your perspective on accountability
  • Discuss your expectations with the team
  • Share insights on how accountability can improve performance 
  • Keep an open medium for your employees to share their feedback 

Employee Training And Development

In this world of automation, there is only a higher risk of employees losing their jobs due to lack of knowledge and practice in technological upgradation. A leader with a keen eye to foresee this can introduce areas where each employee can excel with regards to their job roles and responsibilities. Upskilling the workforce is the key to staying competitive and being comfortable whenever future jobs require certain skills. 

Leaders can come up with new training and development programs wherein the employees can learn new skills including technological advancements and. Along with that soft skills such as problem-solving skills, effective communication, etc., can also be mapped out.

Try these actions:

  • Add new responsibilities to each employee
  • Evaluate employees’ performance to better understand their areas of improvement
  • Introduce training programs with real-life simulations

It’s time to focus on the best leadership practices for a new and improved organization. What are the best leadership practices that you have started implementing this year? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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