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Tesla Model Y Gets a 5-star Safety Rating in Europe

Tesla Model Y Gets a 5-star Safety Rating in Europe
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The electric car manufacturer solidifies its place in the automotive world even more with its new safety score. With the Tesla Model Y getting perfect scores both in the States and Europe they are trying to be “THE” family EV.

On a mission to get the global carbon emissions down and be a mainstay in the gas-powered car community is a tough line to walk, but Tesla does it well. Their cars have been a hit ever since their inception. They are constantly listening to consumer feedback and developing their cars into the fine-tuned EVs that they are today.

With the 5-star safety rating provided by the European New Car Assessment Program (EU NCAP), Tesla shows that EVs can be safe yet fun. It is the highest score possible, and the Organization was more than happy to give them their best rating.

Model Y joins the All-star league

The Tesla Model Y, now being made in the Berlin Gigafactory, scored a 98 in the Safety Assist tests and 97 in Adult Occupant Protection. With the driver monitoring system and lane support getting full points, the Model Y is one of the safest cars on the market right now.

Tested under the most stringent of conditions, the agency also praised the Camera-only vision which performed great. It was able to avoid collisions with cyclists, other cars, and pedestrians, even in emergency situations.

This rating should reduce the doubt in people’s minds as to whether Electric Vehicles are safe or not. There has been a growing demand for SUVs all over the world. And Tesla launching an SUV-based EV has inspired others to do the same. Ford has decided to revamp their popular Mustang line as an all-electric SUV.

Why is it safer than the others?

Built right from the ground up, Tesla’s unique underlying architecture has helped the company get top safety ratings over the years. With the battery being on the floor of the car, each Tesla has a lower center of gravity as compared to its counterparts. This increases the stability of the car in most situations and prevents it from rolling over in case of an accident or severe slopes.

The same score was given by their American counterparts, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While the metrics on which both organizations score are different. Tesla has managed to score top marks in all aspects of both. This is good news for the company as they have been accused of selling cars that are not safe for the average consumer.

With their SUV also getting the highest available rating, it is safe to say that Tesla’s lineup has some of the best daily drivers in the market. You can easily commute to work in these, and they are safe enough to be a family vehicle too. But that is not all, they are constantly upgrading their battery sizes too and you can get a car that can go 250-300miles on a single charge.


Each Tesla now has a great safety rating and an even better battery pack; thus, they are truly the family cars of the future.