CXO Matters Pros and Cons of Digitizing "Everything"
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Pros and Cons of Digitizing “Everything”

Pros and Cons of Digitizing "Everything"
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The “Digital Revolution” has been a boon for people looking to automate processes and get as many things in the digital medium as possible. It is one of the newest trends in businesses which increases efficiency exponentially. 

Not only does incorporating new tech will help you stay away from the curve, but it reduces overhead costs and increases accuracy too. But there are a few cons too.


Speed and Accuracy

One of the main advantages of having a tech-enabled business gives you an efficiently run business that is more accurate than your counterparts. The tech helps you be more accurate than ever.

With increased speed and accuracy you can get more things done without the chances of something going wrong. 

24/7 Monitoring

Since there are no humans involved with the automated processes, you can monitor the processes for longer hours and whenever you feel like it. This 24/7 monitoring will help you filter out when and where your processes can be fine-tuned for your company. 

Reduced carbon footprint

Since everything is digitized you will not have to use paper anymore and reduce your impact on the environment significantly. With the world being in an energy crisis and pollution being rampant, it is up to you to take decisions that help the planet in the long run. 


Expensive to set up

When you get the new software for automating or making your business tech-enabled, you will have to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Along with that, you might have to buy specialized hardware to run them. 

Security Concerns

With digitally enabling your business you will have to invest a significant amount into your cyber security measures too. You will have to keep up to date on all the new cybersecurity updates and make sure your business is secure enough to not fall for cyber attacks. 

Increased Energy Usage

Since the processes can be automated and made to run 24/7 there is an increase in the e energy that you will have to use. Powering the hardware that runs the software can increase your power bills significantly. 

Dependence on software

With the software doing the heavy lifting, you will get dependent on the software to do most of the work. This will reduce your efficiency with the processes, and how to do them manually. If the power or internet connection has any interruption then also you will be stranded again. 

In the end

With the technology now available to automate a majority of your processes. You should do thorough research and analysis of where this software can help you. Once you have figured out the problem areas, you can work on those processes or just replace them with software.

Technology has become an integral part of our lives and businesses. It is important to look at the opportunities that you can get and weigh the pros and cons together.